I started my adventure in the world of buying and selling Internet domain names in 2005. All received skills in SEO, copywriting and website development become a good addition for me.
I count my invested time like longtime investments and I'm ready to wait for returns.

Since 2015 I help entrepreneurs with purchase of perfect domain names that are matched their big ideas and businesses.

I already sold many of premium or just good domain names and IMHO I do not have any cheap domain namescool
Please do not disturb me with any cheap offers. I will answer you only if I see your offer is real and in price range I'm ready to start our conversation with.

My hobby and later my Internet business/domaining takes a lot of my time to make research and takes a lot of resources to keep my collection of domain names up to date and be really in demand for real businesses. All domain names I own were carefully preselected and bought/collected by me for decades.
I will help you with any questions related to your payment for domain name via escrow service, with quick ownership transfer on your own account in the case we agree on price and I'm paid.

Contact me if you are interested in acquiring one of my domain names.
Thank you!




Best regards,
Alexander Skabelka